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Autumn arrival shows benefits of Land Drainage investment

As we arrive at the late autumn and winter months, it is normal to see a transition in the weather and a steady ‘wetting up’ of the soils after the summer months.   The big difference in 2023 in contrast to the previous couple of years has been that soils have remained very wet throughout

Langham Wetland Project in The Times Newspaper

The Langham Wetland Project which William Morfoot Ltd was involved in building has gained the attention of the National Press.  The Times newspaper has recently visited the project which we were involved in constructing throughout late 2022 and early 2023. The wetland is designed to improved water quality with a a number of new ‘cells’

Wetland works grab the headlines

A project that our teams have been involved in has featured in the newspaper in recent weeks!  Works on the Pudding Norton wetland – which is located on the headwaters to the River Wensum have seen our teams introducing new meanders to the river and creating new habitats for wildlife to thrive amongst.  The works

Spotlight on Farm Drainage Investment

A highly volatile period of weather throughout 2023 has led to continued interest and investment in land drainage by many of our farming clients.  After the drought of 2022, the weather patterns have inevitably shifted in 2023 – with increased rainfall levels being a prominent feature. July was an especially wet month in East Anglia

Hornsea 3 Cable Route Appointment

William Morfoot Ltd has been appointed to undertake both the design and the installation of the pre and post construction drainage requirements associated with the Hornsea 3 Windfarm in Norfolk.  The project which is installing 231 wind turbines in the North Sea will generate enough electricity to power over 3 million homes in the UK.

Ingol Wetland success paves the way for 26 more sites!

A few years ago, our team successfully delivered the construction of a brand new wetland site in North West Norfolk – adjoining the river Ingol.  The river Ingol is one of Norfolk’s chalk streams and provides a rare and unique habitat of global significance because of the small number of chalk streams which are present