With significant renewable energy targets to be met in the coming years within the UK, wind and solar farms remain at the forefront of delivering additional electricity to our homes.

Wind and solar farms commonly need to lay new cables underground over many miles to tap into the grid. Our expertise in trenching and cable-laying has proved popular on these projects in recent times.

Our specialist adapted trenching machines can dig and lay cable (as well as marker tile) over significant daily distances – far in excess of what can be achieved through conventional excavation techniques. The trench widths are notably narrower than an excavator can create too – meaning more efficient, greener working.

When installing utilities in arable land, our team of land drainage specialists can be on hand to carry out the necessary remedial drainage repair works to agricultural land drains. This ensures the land is returned to the owners post cable installation in a fit condition for arable farming once again.

We use a modern fleet of dedicated specialist and ancillary machinery to undertake works and count many of the leading UK civils companies as part of our client base.

We are Achillies UVDB verified and approved and aim to provide a fresh look at the way works are undertaken with the primary aim of saving time, money and ease of operation through providing specialist trenching equipment.