What is Agricultural Land Drainage?

We have all seen examples of badly drained land. Large pools of water sit stagnant on top of agricultural or recreational land, leaving it unusable and above all a hindrance to the job in hand.

Agricultural land drainage solves this all-too common problem and involves the installation of specialist underground drainage pipes beneath agricultural fields. These pipes are of a specialist design and allow surplus water from the surrounding soils to enter into the pipes through tiny perforations within the wall of the pipes. This in turn leads to an increase in the overall productivity of the field (See benefits of land drainage) and enables the land to be used more readily for the planting and harvesting of vital crops throughout the course of a year.

The drains are installed with a specialist ‘trenching machine’ which can lay the pipes on a gradient allowing the water to flow out of the pipes under gravity. The trenching machine can cut a varying width of trench to accommodate different pipe diameters depending on what size pipe needs to be laid. The machine is capable of covering significant areas of ground within a day, meaning that whole fields can see their yield potential dramatically increase in just a short period of time.