Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Holt Lowes is a special area of conservation and a Site of Special Scientific Interest nestled deep in the North Norfolk Countryside.

It boasts an array of habitats including heathland, bog and woodland and is home to some very important species of plant and wildlife as a result, including the adder.

The Norfolk Wildife Trust instructed us to construct a new access track into Holt Lowes to provide an important route into the area for visitors throughout the year. The existing pathways had become too wet for routine use which had resulted in them becoming unusable.

The work was completed within a strict timescale so as not to interfere with ground nesting birds and the public who access the Lowes from the nearby town of Holt.

The results were instant with previously saturated and muddy pathways being converted into stable footpaths suitable for the wide variety of users which access the park on a daily basis.

Holt Lowes visitors now have dry feet all year round and enjoy the ever changing habitat which provides a home to this stunning blend of plant and wildlife.

We regularly work alongside various authorities and organisations to preserve the welfare of the surrounding countryside and to ensure we follow agency protocols. As the watercourse is the responsibility of the Internal Drainage Board, our work was compliant with their specifications.