Methwold Wetland Creation Project

Norfolk plays a fitting host to some of the most varied and significant wildlife species in the whole of the UK. William Morfoot Ltd was appointed to project-manage a ‘Wetland Creation Project’ in Methwold in the west of the county for a private land owner.

The project, which was completed in conjunction with Natural England and the land owner of the farm, involved making new wetland areas beside the banks of the River Wissey, consisting of a combination of fresh reedbeds, along with feeding grounds created around the wetland pools, delivering a diverse natural habitat for the wildlife. This will provide protection for the long-term future of scores of rare birds which come to this part of Norfolk.

The Result

Crane, lapwing, avocet, redshank and snipe now flock to this special site, while the new and reworked ponds and ditches festooned with purple loosestrife, attract otters, grass snakes and brown hawkers to black-tailed skimmers.

Deep channels, pools and shallow scrapes have been incorporated into the new wetland environment and existing reeds were transplanted to create a suitable habitat for nesting waders in the spring of 2015.

The William Morfoot team designed and created the attractive habitat that offers differing water depths to encourage a variety of wildlife and birdlife into the wetland site.

Water levels now quickly rise on the site to carefully controlled levels. They were designed to create the correct balance of water and dry land within the area.

William Morfoot Ltd was involved in the project from the outset and undertook the preliminary topographical surveying works and the wetland design.

The longstanding practical experience in working in difficult ground conditions enabled the team to complete the project on time.