Land Drainage – Broke Bros

Drainage problems were affecting yields at the Broke Bros farm in mid-Norfolk. As so typical of much arable land, ageing drainage systems installed by previous generations were failing.

Wet land was not only affecting crops but it was having a negative impact on the timeliness of arable operations. Machinery was unable to access particularly wet areas of land and in some cases was getting stuck.

This, coupled with some complex topography meant that the client needed a drainage scheme designed carefully to function in these particular conditions.

We produced detailed drawings supported by comprehensive levels data. We explained to the client that investment in land drainage would serve them for a minimum of 25 years, so it was important that the scheme design was right, taking into account complicated factors such as soil structure and land gradients.

Over 100 acres of comprehensive drainage work was carried out in a tight window owing to cropping plans for the year. Yields have improved and the landowners are confident of a rapid payback on the investment.

Mark Ruffles, Farm Manager for Broke Bros. comments: “With the continued trend towards intense rainfall over short periods of time, we are confident that installing comprehensive new schemes across the farm means we’re better equipped to handle changeable weather. It will also help us to farm the land better and more profitably going forward.”