Wetland Work Underway

The winter months offer a prime opportunity for our teams to progress with wetland creation work taking advantage of the quieter activity levels generated by the birdlife and other wildlife which dominate these landscapes.  We love being asked to do these projects as they typically involve us working in truly stunning locations and this particular project epitomises this to the very core as the photos show!

Our teams have been involved in installing water management structures and modifying the existing wetlands out on these low lying marshes very close to the coast.  The marshes are owned and looked after by the Holkham Estate and in particular, the habitats they provide are particular popular with the breeding wader birds which utilise the area heavily throughout the whole year – along with a plethora of other wildlife and plant-life too.

Total accuracy in the implementation of the work is necessary and ultra precise measurements are taken using our GPS equipment at the outset of the project so that we can control the exact amount of water that we are holding up within the area.  Too much water is every bit as damaging to the habitats as too little and we are provided with strict objectives to work to by the Conservation Team who manage this landscape on behalf of Holkham Estate.  The habitats are highly sensitive to any change whatsoever and the Estate place huge importance on managing these areas in the delicate and respectful manner that they so clearly deserve.

These truly beautiful areas of wilderness dominated by the mosaic of pools and marsh areas and intersected by the watercourses which flow out to sea across this part of North Norfolk make for a breath taking spot to find ourselves working in. We look forward to observing how the landscape changes following the alterations we have made as we progress through the winter time.

Click here for a copy of our Wetland Brochure.