Wetland creation project is delivering

Wetland creation is something that we have long been involved in working principally for wildlife organisations as well as farms implementing environmental schemes to create biodiversity.  We have been fortunate to have completed some wetland projects in some stunning locations and we returned recently to one of our sites on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast to see how it was looking – one year on from when our diggers were on site.


The site is located adjacent to the River Burn near Burnham Market and in Autumn 2015, we were involved in some wetland creation works on the site geared around carefully managing water levels within the area to create suitable habitats for a wide array of birdlife and other wildlife.  The area was quickly transformed in a matter of weeks with shallow pools being created along with water level controls and strategically positioned water retaining features.

Pic 1

One year on, the results have been impressive with a diverse array of wildlife already inhabiting the site.  The flora and fauna has already firmly re-established itself and it’s hard to believe that just a year ago, this site had very little standing water present anywhere on it and was a hive of activity as our team went about their work.  Wetland birds have already been using the site for breeding this year and the scrape areas and reed beds have provided a superb feeding ground over the course of the last 12 months.

Pic 4

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