Tillage Magazine Article

It’s always good to see media interest in the projects we are involved in and the recent Tillage Magazine Article was no exception!  The Tillage Magazine Team came and spent time on the farm we were working on in Wales earlier in 2017 speaking with the farming team there and obtaining a detailed overview of the work we were doing.

The article they have produced therefore provides a detailed summary of the project as a whole and the results it is having – supported by commentary and observations from the farm team.  It’s great to see the farming press taking an active interest in Land Drainage and the benefits it can bring to British agriculture as well as obtaining honest and accurate feedback from the farmers who are living and working on the land every day – and therefore seeing the immediate and long term results that drainage can have on their fields.

Tillage Magazine is a publication which is directly linked to arable agriculture and in particular to soils. Their website www.tillagemagazine.net provides access to more of the articles they have written which are well worth a read.

To read the article please click here.