Technological Advancements Leads to Further Investments

Technology has always formed a central part of our business and it provides a vital function to help us to deliver our operations. Accuracy and precision are at the forefront of everything we do and advancements in technology have been pivotal in allowing us to achieve ever higher standards across all the different projects we do. GPS advancements meant we were one of the first drainage companies in the UK to start using GPS for our land drainage operations on our trenching machines. Furthermore, we have also been using GPS for our surveys and design work for many years to aid us with our designs and proposals for the projects we deliver.

Machine automation is something which is helpful on a multitude of levels. It provides unparalleled levels of consistency and accuracy whilst also assisting our teams in achieving better daily outputs whilst working in a more efficient way. These advantages have therefore led us to look at other areas of our operations that we can also introduce GPS technology into. This has led to an investment this autumn which will see us take delivery of 3 new Volvo Excavators. 2 out of the 3 new machines have been supplied with fully integrated Topcon GPS systems.

Our teams undertake many miles of ditch creation and ditch maintenance each year – with much of the work being carried out in lowland parts of the UK – which tend to be extremely flat. Precision grading on these kind of ditch systems is vital, and the GPS will enable us to quickly verify the levels that we are cutting new ditches to – ensuring that an accurate and consistent gradient is present along the bed of the watercourse at all times.

The biggest advantages that this investment will provide will be in the work we provide to the environmental and construction sectors. We build a number of new wetlands each year for our environmental clients and these require a diverse and dynamic array of new water features to be built to create new habitats for the wildlife which they are being built for. Building these features to the required depths is critical – as often there is a requirement for shallow pools containing smaller amounts of water rather than necessarily having vast quantities of deep water. Critically, it is vital that these features of created in the exact area that our clients require – blending in with the existing topography of the area and taking advantage of natural lows which may be present. The technology provides us with the ability to excavate at the precise location where the features are required without time being spent marking out work zones via manual methods.

The technology also has an obvious Health and Safety advantage in that it negates the need to have a banksman standing in close proximity to the machine checking depth at which the excavator is digging to. It also allows the machine operator to understand exactly where the machine is excavating in relation to buried utilities & other buried infrastructure. H&S is at the forefront of everything we do as a business and we see this as a huge step forwards in providing a better and safer working environment for our own staff and all others that may be involved in our operations on a day to day basis.

The new excavators have gone straight out to work with the GPS technology being taken advantage of straight away on a wetland we are building on the North Norfolk Coast.

To find out how this technology can benefit your projects – please do give us a call to find out more.