Talk Drainage at the Winter Shows

This autumn has seen the ground conditions turn from dusty parched soils into saturated and in many cases flooded landscape across much of the UK.  Much of the UK has now had in excess of 250mm of rainfall in the 2 month period for September and October with many places experiencing far higher rainfall totals than this.

Autumn drilling programs have suffered and agricultural kit being stuck has been common place for many.  The potato harvest and the harvest of many of other crops has also been adversely affected with heavy machinery struggling to physically get crop out of the ground.  All of this has made for a stressful time for many involved in British Agriculture and questions are now being asked as to how best farms can prevent repeats of this autumn again in the future.

The power of the UK weather will of course never be beaten but the good news is that there are tools out there that can help.  Ditch and water course management has a big part to play along with the need to ensure the EA and Drainage boards are playing their part in keeping major arterial drainage systems clear and flowing.  On a farm level, many farmers have reported that the use of cover crops has helped considerably when attempting to travel on wet land this autumn.  Having fully functional Land Drainage schemes present on a comprehensive basis in fields which are prone to being slow to dry out also has a massive part to play.


Feedback from many of our clients this year is that recent investment by them in land drainage systems has paid substantial dividends this autumn.  In many cases, it has been the difference between being able to get on the land at all or not.  Many have commented that crops drilled within comprehensively drained land have been able to thrive in spite of the wet weather and as a result, land drainage investment is now ranking up the scale of importance once again in direct response to the weather conditions which have been experienced.

This autumn and winter, William Morfoot Ltd is attending a number of shows and events aimed at raising awareness of the importance of land drainage in agriculture.  Delegates attending these shows will get the chance to meet with our experienced team, talk about drainage problems they may be experiencing on their own land and take the initial steps towards getting the issues resolved.


We are exhibiting at the following events this autumn/winter.

Soil and Water Event at Bishop Burton College, Yorkshire on 20th Nov 2019.

Soil and Water Event at Throws Farm, Essex on 21st Nov 2019.

Midlands Machinery Show – Newark Showground.  20/21 Nov 2019.

Lamma Show – NEC in Birmingham.  7/8 January 2020.  

Please do come and see our team at any of these events and discuss how we may be able to assist with improving land drainage and water management on your farm in the coming months.  If you can’t wait for to see us at the shows and instead want us to come and see your farm now to get the issues surveyed and assessed, please give us a call directly on 01362 820371.  We work across the UK delivering our land drainage projects and as such, we are always pleased to receive enquiries from new clients.