Springtime Land Drainage

With spring coming to an end and summer just round the corner, it’s been an interesting season with regard to rainfall.

In East Anglia, both March and April were extremely low rainfall months following the very wet winter period which caused so many problems across the UK. May looks set to be an above average rainfall month with some very heavy storms that have moved across the country in recent weeks.

The issue of weather abnormalities just doesn’t seem to be going away at the moment, and our Land Drainage clients have been responding accordingly by asking us to make sure their land is suitably drained to deal with the issues that the wet weather can cause.

Our teams have been out working in the growing crops this spring time installing new drainage schemes in the land to get the water on the move. Spring time work amongst the crop is a popular option for many as ensures that the fields are drained and ready in time for the all important drilling window later in the autumn.


With the gap between harvest and drilling becoming ever tighter, many growers like to have the drains installed early so that they are already working for the autumn.

This time of year is also when our drainage consultants are busy designing schemes to be executed in the post-harvest window, with a lot of time being spent surveying land with our GPS kit.

We believe that our time is well spent undertaking these surveys as it allows for us to gain a valuable insight into the field where the work needs to be done, and ensures that the scheme is correctly designed to offer maximum benefit to the landowner.

If you are thinking about getting some land drainage work done this year and want to speak with one of our consultants about your own requirements, please give us a call on 01362 820371.