Spotlight on Farm Drainage Investment

A highly volatile period of weather throughout 2023 has led to continued interest and investment in land drainage by many of our farming clients.  After the drought of 2022, the weather patterns have inevitably shifted in 2023 – with increased rainfall levels being a prominent feature.

July was an especially wet month in East Anglia – with low levels of sunshine, cooler temperatures and rainfall levels of in excess of 120mm for the month.  This weather all arrived at the start of the cereal harvest window – meaning that soil conditions were too wet for harvesting operations to resume, even after the rainfall had stopped.

Soils being at field capacity is not generally a theme we see during the summer months of the year but 2023 has been the exception to the rule.  Land Drains have typically been running as our teams have installed new schemes – meaning that the new drainage infrastructure is starting to deliver a return immediately.  As is regularly commented on by our farming clients, land drains are the only piece of farm equipment which work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every week of the year when needed – all with very little labour input required!  To find out how our teams can help you to unlock improved yield potentials from your fields, please get in touch.