Solar Park Drainage

The uptake of renewable energy within the UK has seen us constantly involved in a wide variety of renewables projects over the last 10 years.  Our trenching equipment has been in regular demand for laying underground cables and our expertise in land drainage has also been in at the forefront of requirements by renewable energy companies looking to ensure that their projects are effectively delivered.

With regard to Solar farms, our consultancy teams have been extensively involved in carrying out surveying work over proposed solar farm areas ahead of new solar farms being installed.  These sites have ranged in scale from small areas of just a few acres to some larger projects totalling several hundred acres each.   Our surveying work has been to help the developers gain an accurate understanding of what underground drainage is already in place and how this network of drains may interact with planned installation of new cables or foundations for solar panels.  Clearly there is an urgent requirement to ensure that solar farms are free from standing water given the obvious practical implications of having standing water stood around solar panels producing electricity.

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Sometimes our teams get called in after some problems have already developed and most recently, we have been involved in correcting drainage difficulties which have developed around a 30 acre solar farm.  The problems had resulted in significant flooding issues to the surrounding farmland and associated business units nearby which was causing considerable problems for the tenants of the business units and the owner of the business park itself.  The installation of the solar panels had impacted negatively with the existing historic land drainage system beneath the solar farm site which had resulted in large volumes of water building up at ground level and causing a major headache to all concerned.

William Morfoot Ltd was called in to design a solution to cure the drainage issues which were present and our surveying team was involved in completing a detailed study of the site. This  involved the collection of historic drainage information as well as the collation of current topographical data sourced from the solar farm area.  All of this information had to be married together with the requirement to work around live high voltage underground cables as well as a multitude of additional underground services.  In addition our team had to work in amongst 30 acres of solar panels!  All of these factors meant that the project has been a complex venture to complete and clearly a project which had serious repercussions for all parties concerned if the flooding situation was allowed to continue.


The practical work has been completed through the spring period this year with immediate positive results being seen and the new drainage system effectively managing excess water around the solar farm area accordingly.  The landowner has been delighted to see his arable land now free of standing water and the tenants at the business units are also now able to keep dry feet whilst at work!

William Morfoot Ltd are Achillies  and LDCA approved to work in these kind of tricky environments with an array of underground utilities to contend with.  Our proven track record in delivering rapid results from design through to practical completion continue to delight our customers.  To find out more about our drainage work within the renewable energy sector, why not give us a call on 01362 820371.

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