Post Harvest Land Drainage Season in Full Flow

The post harvest window tends to be the busiest time of the year for Agricultural Land Drainage projects and this year is no different!  With harvest getting off to a very early start compared to recent years, our drainage teams have been working flat out to install new drainage schemes on land which have been cleared by the combines.

A lot of our clients planned the timing of their drainage works to fit with early harvested crops, such as oilseed rape which provides a bigger window in which to undertake the drainage works required – especially on the bigger schemes.  This year, we finished all of the post OSR works by early August owing to a flying start to harvest in July!


Most of the schemes we are undertaking this summer are whole field comprehensive drainage projects replacing older out of date drainage schemes with new pipework. A lot of the schemes we are replacing were installed without stone in the grant aid days and these old pipes are literally providing no benefit at all.

Our fenland drainage projects tend to be carried out at 20m centres, whereas schemes being installed on rolling ground with heavier soil types (suitable for moling), quite often will have a wider spaced scheme to keep a lid on costs.


Our repeat clients are typically reporting that they are seeing average yield increases of 25-35% post-drainage, justifying the investment.

If you have some land which you think may benefit from land drainage, please call us 01362 820371 and we will send out one of our experienced drainage consultants to undertake the relevant surveying works before designing the scheme for you.