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Tillage Magazine Article

It’s always good to see media interest in the projects we are involved in and the recent Tillage Magazine Article was no exception!  The Tillage Magazine Team came and spent time on the farm we were working on in Wales earlier in 2017 speaking with the farming team there and obtaining a detailed overview of

Managing Water Levels – New Pumping Station

We’ve been working on a farm this week which is situated on a block of low lying land which has a need for water levels to be very sensitively managed by a series of pumps, ditch systems and land drains in order to control water levels.  The farm is situated on land near to the

Land Drainage Investment in a Drought

Lack of rainfall not affecting the interest levels in Farm Drainage Investment  The continuing prolonged dry spell in the UK has caused major concern in recent weeks as crops on lighter land have become under increasing stress on account of the ongoing lack of rainfall.  With just 1 month in the last 10 having above

Access Tracks

The creation of new tracks and the restoration of old ones is an operation that we have long been involved in thanks to our trademark stamp of robustness and quality that is left behind following the completion of the track projects that we undertake.  Much of work within the world of track restoration and construction