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Farms respond after 2nd wet winter

The winter of 2020/21 provided an identical set of wet conditions to those that were experienced in the previous winter on 2019/20 with many farms struggling to harvest root crops and maize in the autumn coupled up with struggling greatly to get new crops drilled in the ground.  Much of the planned wheat area went

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Data showing 3 year Payback in Land Drainage

Yield Analysis data has increasingly demonstrated the rapid payback attached with drainage investment and in the current climate of wet autumns, shrinking BPS incomes and political instability on the back of Brexit, many more farms are fast recognising what the opportunity cost is of not addressing land drainage issues.

Compelling Reasons for Land Drainage Investment

Every few years, a season and set of events comes along that provides some added weight to justifying Land Drainage investment.  2020 has definitely been that season. From floods to droughts, Brexit, Covid 19, crop market volatility along with a host of difficult agronomic reasons; the payback on drainage investment has been rapid over the

Farm Drainage critical after wet winter

The record breaking wet winter time of 2020 left many farms with saturated land.  Many autumn crops never made it into the soils and equally troubling was that a lot of late harvested root crops struggled to be gathered in.  Farm machinery couldn’t get near many fields and countless stories emerged of bogged equipment as