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Washout Spring Time Period

Spring 2018 has been a difficult period for many farmers across the UK.  At the time of writing, 30 of the last 40 days (in Norfolk) have had rain on them at some point.  Annual Rainfall totals in central Norfolk are already in excess of 200mm (up to April 10th) and and many other parts

River Ingol Wetland Creation

We are well rehearsed at building new wetland habitats in order to create & provide new habitats for the benefit of wildlife and plants.  The work forms a regular part of our annual work program and from our perspective, we are always extremely proud to be asked to work on these exciting and diverse projects.

Wetland Work Underway

The winter months offer a prime opportunity for our teams to progress with wetland creation work taking advantage of the quieter activity levels generated by the birdlife and other wildlife which dominate these landscapes.  We love being asked to do these projects as they typically involve us working in truly stunning locations and this particular

Driving Efficiency Out Of Farmland

Following 5 consecutive months of above average rainfall, conditions on many UK farms this autumn have been testing. In our own operations too, we have experienced a testing summer on account of saturated soils at the very peak of the post harvest Land Drainage window. One of our projects this autumn has involved amalgamating land

Land Drainage Season in Full Flow

As the inclement summer of 2017 continues, the fields are gradually getting cleared by the combines to make way for the start to the next growing season and on some farms, – the installation of a new land drainage scheme! The post harvest window is always a busy period for getting improvement projects completed and