Latest Horse Manege Construction Project Reaches Completion

Our latest Horse arena construction project has been completed this spring in amongst the gently rolling Suffolk countryside.

The 60×30 manège has been test ridden for the first time over the last few days, which given the amount of rainfall in May, has been great news.

The project involved installing some new land drains to manage the water that falls on the surface of the arena.

Our specialist machinery installed the drains over a couple of days and the main construction work on the arena then got underway in the weeks that followed.

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All aspects of the construction process, from the drainage right the way through to the installation of the fencing, were unsealed by our team of dedicated construction specialists, who take considerable pride in getting our arenas looking at their very best before they are handed over to the client.

The owners of this arena selected the surface we supplied, following previous positive experiences riding on the surface elsewhere. Feedback so far has been very positive.

The arena was built to provide a suitable surface for year round exercise for their horses. It has the advantage of being located close to the house and stables which avoids the need for riding out on dimly lit country lanes in the middle of winter.

Each year we undertake a number of horse manège construction projects and we have a large catalogue of completed schools available for potential clients to come and look at.

Please give us a call on 01362 820371 if you are interested in having a new manège built and we can then arrange for one of our specialists to come and look at your project as necessary.