Lake Restoration in some Testing Conditions

Lake restoration work can present some challenging and tricky conditions to work amongst and a recent project we have completed in North Norfolk has been no exception to this.

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Oulton Hall is set in a stunning location in the Valley Bottom and has a stream flowing through the middle of the grounds which feeds directly into the River Bure.

The gardens there are part of the National Gardens Scheme and unsurprisingly, the client was extremely anxious that the works took place without disturbing the surrounding gardens in any way.

The project involved managing a large amount of incoming water – both from the stream which feeds directly into the lake, as well as a large number of sub-surface springs.

The lake had previously not been cleaned out for over 50 years and had a buildup of over 3000 cubic metres of silt contained within the lake area which extended to almost an acre in size.

Approximately 50% of the lake had silted so much that reeds had completely taken over the water, making it impossible to see one side of the lake from the other.

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William Morfoot Ltd were brought in to undertake the works using an array of specialist equipment, specifically chosen for working within the lake, which was surrounded by trees and plant life.

Water levels were managed as required using specialist pumps to control the inflowing water, and the excavators worked from within the lake itself to slowly but surely remove every last cubic metre of silt.

The results have been outstanding with the lake fully restored to its former glory in amongst the fabulous gardens in which it nestles.

Tackling unusual and prestigious projects is something that all forms part of our every day workload here, and so if you would like to speak to us about restoring your lake, please give us a call on 01362 820371.