Kenhill Wetland to Host Springwatch

In the winter of 2019/20, our team spent several months working at the Kenhill Estate in North West Norfolk delivering part of a pioneering project masterminded by the estate involving the transformation of a large slice of the estate back to a rewilded landscape.  This involved taking arable land out of production, re-wetting previously drained areas and create a plethora of diverse new landscapes for the vision to be realised.

Our involvement in the project stemmed around the wetland works.  Raising water levels at managed levels, creating shallow pools, water pennig structures and more widely creating conditions suitable for the breeding wader birds and vast array of other wildlife that this internationally renowned section of coastline is famed for.

The project – known as the Wild Ken Hill Rewilding Project is highly ambitious and also involves rewilding other higher ground areas of the farm to – handing back the control to nature.  Regenerative agriculture married together with traditional conservation techniques such as the introduction of beavers has resulted in the farm being very much in the spotlight. It is of no surprise that BBC’s  Springwatch program is set to base itself from the site in Spring 2021 with a network of cameras filming the wildlife which is now present in the area.

William Morfoot Ltd is hugely proud to be have played a small part in the delivery of this highly successful project in this unique corner of Norfolk.  To find out more about the project please visit  or else tune in to watch about the site on Springwatch.