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Helping to Improve Yields

August, September and October are always our three busiest months of the year as demand for our Land Drainage expertise increases following the removal last year’s crops at harvest.

Clear fields allow room for our equipment to come into the fields and install new land drains comprehensively across the wet areas of land.

The wet conditions of last year have exposed numerous examples of poor performing fields and in some cases entire farms.  Commonly, some of these issues have been caused by ditch maintenance issues where water is unable to flow away from land because the ditches have been poorly maintained.  Culverts are also another common bottle neck which have caused significant issues for farmers in the last year.

Ditch 1

However, once ditch systems and culverts have been addressed, the next logical step is to focus on the drainage of the land itself.

Much of the arable farmland in the UK has been drained a generation ago and the age of these systems has led to an increasing number of problems being exposed with them in recent wet periods.

We have exposed broken tile drains, drains which are installed too close to the surface and drains installed without permeable fill as just a few of the reasons why fields have been wet in the last year.

Installing comprehensive new land drainage systems provides growers with a new confidence that land is in a suitable condition to be farmed for the next generation.

Expensive inputs including seed, fertiliser and chemicals all need well drained soils in order to perform effectively.  Growers also need well drained land perform their routine arable operations in a timely way.  Ultimately owning well drained arable land allows growers to raise the overall yield potential of the land – in so doing increasing the returns that are achievable to them.

Our teams this summer have been working every day to install small schemes of just a few acres to much larger schemes across whole fields to improve drainage conditions on the land going forward.

To find out more about how we can help you boost your yields and improve the condition of your land for the next generation, give us a call on 01362 820371 or find out more by clicking here.