Farm Track Construction

Farm Tracks represent a vital piece of infrastructure which exist on nearly all farms to allow the effective and efficient movement of machinery and vehicles around the fields on a year round basis – in all weathers.  As such, the presence of poorly maintained and decaying farm roads can represent a considerable obstacle for the completion of basic farm operations at certain times of the year.

We have been involved in the construction of new farm roads and the repair of existing farm tracks for a long while with many landowners appreciating that our significant knowledge in land drainage is also relevant with regard to Tracks construction.  Standing water in and around tracks always leads to a more rapid demise of the trackway surface with potholes and bumps within the track quickly appearing wherever puddles are located.  Commonly, drainage work is completed by our teams alongside the track construction to ensure surface water from the tracks is adequately managed.

Our Teams are currently involved in the construction of some new Tracks on the Norfolk Coast.  The work involves installing new tracks to access woodland areas which are located amongst a SSSI site where there is an abundance of rare flora and fauna as well as a diverse array of birdlife also living within the area.



Our sensitive approach to working in these kind of places was one of the key reasons in our selection to do the works.  The tracks are being installed across open grassland and through the centre of a woodland in varying soil conditions and it was identified early on that the works must be completed during a period of dry and settled weather.  The works are being completed over the summer months with the new track ready to use in time for the autumn.