Farm Drainage paying Dividends following record breaking wet winter

In October 2023, the rains arrived after a relatively kind summer.  Whilst that in itself is not an unusual development, the months that followed produced some rainfall stats that were extraordinary.  October and November saw record breaking rainfall totals in East Anglia.  December and January were less severe but nonetheless still produced average winter rainfall totals for both months.  February and March then saw a return to more aggressive rainfall again – meaning that the opportunity to do any kind of land work was very limited.

Autumn sown crops struggled to germinate.  Many fields were left fallow.  Root crops were not harvested with potatoes left to rot in the field in the most severe cases.  And soil structures were severely damaged where heavy equipment had been on the land in less than desirable conditions.  Internal drainage Boards pumped more water than they have pumped in a winter before and land drainage and ditch systems were tested to the hilt.  Poorly drained soils have been exposed with black grass making a fierce comeback – thriving in the wet soils.

Throughout this time, our teams have been out installing new drainage schemes when conditions have allowed – with results speaking for themself.  Rarely has there been a time over such a prolonged basis where the advantages of drainage investment have stood out so starkly.  When undertaken, land drainage represents a long term investment which last for many decades.  It shifts excess water out of the soils in an efficient and timely manner – meaning that soils recover more quickly when the rains stop.

This in turn widens the window of opportunity to get on the land to undertake arable works.  It also means that growing crops are given optimal, oxygenated soils to grow amongst on a greater number of days than undrained soils offer.  Yields therefore respond accordingly and we typically see a 2-3 tonne/hectare uplift after we have installed new drains.

With a lot of work booked in for our teams in the aftermath of this devastating winter, the demand for quality land drainage system installation is at an all time high.  At William Morfoot Ltd, we offer a full turnkey service – offering a complete design and install package for our clients.  We have been established for almost 65 years and our reputation is dependent on the results we leave behind.

Please get in touch if you have a wet farm that you need help with.  Drainage is a long term investment worth getting right at the first attempt.