Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm – Remedial Land Drainage

The Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm is one of the largest renewable energy projects happening anywhere in the UK at the moment and involves the construction of 67 new wind Turbines in the North Sea.  The onshore cable route is 32kms long and the cable route cuts directly through some very productive farmland located in the Norfolk countryside.  The project is owned by Norwegian based Statoil with the onshore cabling works being undertaken by Carillion.  Our own role in this project is in the pre and post construction Land Drainage works which are required along much of the cable route.

IMG_7656Pre-construction works got under way in May with our teams working ahead of the cable laying crews.  Pre-construction drainage is being installed to manage water coming in from existing underground land drainage pipes which were going to be affected by the installation of the new cables.  Our role has involved considerable involvement with existing landowners and the Carillion Team to ensure that the works are completed in an appropriate and timely way whilst ensuring the works are completed to the high standards required to keep the existing land drains in full operation going forwards.IMG_7733

Following installation of the cables, the post construction drainage program will commence to ensure that soils affected by the cable route are left in a condition where farmers can look to quickly get the fields back into full production again.

William Morfoot Ltd was selected to undertake these works following an extensive competitive tender process.  The works are due to be ongoing throughout the rest of 2015 and we are very proud to be involved in such a significant project within the renewables sector.