Driving Efficiency Out Of Farmland

Following 5 consecutive months of above average rainfall, conditions on many UK farms this autumn have been testing. In our own operations too, we have experienced a testing summer on account of saturated soils at the very peak of the post harvest Land Drainage window.

One of our projects this autumn has involved amalgamating land together through removing an awkward ditch system – effectively making a vastly more efficient arable working area from 3 smaller fields.  We do a lot of this kind of work each year and it needs careful planning and consideration to implement it correctly – in order to avoid creating obvious drainage issues for the farmland the ditches have historically served.

The improvement in the weather in recent weeks has allowed our earthworks teams to take advantage of the improved ground conditions and shift the soil that was needed to fill the ditch system on this project.  The fields have been subject to detailed topographical surveys which have allowed us to identify precisely where we can source soil from on these flat low lying fields in order to deliver the best long term results to the land.  Subsoils are used to fill the base of the ditch with better quality topsoil being sourced for use at ground level to ensure that crops can be quickly re-established in the months to come.



Our teams have been improving the surrounding ditch systems adjoining these fields and installed new pumping equipment to service this land earlier in the year.  New large diameter carrier pipes have already been installed and a comprehensive land drainage scheme is planned to follow the amalgamation works this autumn.