Autumn Agricultural Land Drainage

The cleared fields and dry ground conditions make the autumn one of our busiest periods in the whole year for Agricultural Land Drainage. The opportunity to carry out improvement works to ditch systems, as well as installing new land drains within a field, is obviously an easier process when there are no growing crops to contend with. It provides a great platform to get soil conditions better for newly sown crops that follow on.

The wet conditions of last winter have exposed numerous examples of poor performing fields and in some cases entire farms.  Commonly, some of these issues has been caused by ditch maintenance issues where water is unable to flow away from land because the ditches have been poorly maintained. Culverts, are also another common bottle neck which have caused significant issues for farmers in the last year.

Littleport Wet Field

The extreme nature of rainfall at certain stages in the last twelve months has highlighted the potential benefits available to farmers who own well-drained land.  August alone had over 100mm of rainfall in many parts of East Anglia, with much of that rainfall coming over a single weekend. Land which had land drainage in place, were able to respond accordingly and that in turn allowed arable operation to resume quickly after the storm had passed.  Land with no land drainage, or out of date drainage schemes, exhibited massive issues and in some cases, the land has been difficult to access ever since.

IMG_7889 (Latest News)

Comprehensive drainage schemes boost yield potential of the land and therefore increase the profitability of the crops being grown.  We are seeing increasing numbers of new clients coming forward, who are looking at replacing old schemes from the 60’s and 70’s.  These growers commonly haven’t done any comprehensive drainage work for many years.  However, the recognition of the benefits of owning professionally installed land drainage systems beneath their field speaks for itself, and the appetite from farmers appears to be growing significantly as they strive for increases in yield.

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