Another Wetland Project Underway

There has been no let up in demand for our specialist wetland creation services this year.  This month has seen us kick off our latest project set against the backdrop of the picturesque banks of the River Thurne nestling next to Hickling Broad.


The project is a joint venture between the Environment Agency & Norfolk Wildlife Trust and involves creating a new wetland habitat in carefully created pools set within the marsh.  The pools are all designed with areas of both shallow and deep water to create varying habitats for different animals and birds.  Importantly, the pools all have gently sloped edges around the perimeter to create easy access down to the waters edge, creating a perfect feeding ground for wetland birds.

This project which was awarded to William Morfoot Ltd following a successful tendering process follows previous works we did with NWT earlier in the year on the neighbouring Hickling Broad site.  It’s always good to be asked back to do a little more for any of our clients and we are delighted to be involved in working in such a special area once again.

The works which are being completed with an array of specialist earth-moving equipment are being operated by our own team of wetland specialists who are closely working with NWT each day. The groundbreaking works are creating some deep pools that will remain reed-free as refuges for fish, whilst reeds will be planted around the perimeters of the pools, as feeding a habitat for bitterns.


The area of the Upper Thurne is extremely important for wildlife. Rare breeding birds include the UK’s main breeding populations of common crane, bittern and marsh harrier, as well as large winter gatherings of visiting pink-footed geese and other wildfowl. During the summer, the UK’s largest butterfly is present, alongside many species of dragonflies. A large number of other rare invertebrates also occur, as well as a huge variety of plants.

For further information on the specialist water management services we provide, please contact us on 01362 820371.