Access Tracks

The creation of new tracks and the restoration of old ones is an operation that we have long been involved in thanks to our trademark stamp of robustness and quality that is left behind following the completion of the track projects that we undertake.  Much of work within the world of track restoration and construction is linked directly to agriculture where farm tracks serve as a vital piece of infrastructure aiding farm teams to access outlying fields in areas which are not served by a public highway.

Our connection with tracks work is no accident with our own team having intimate knowledge of the way in which track construction and restoration can best occur – especially with regard to the management of surface water which may build on the track surface.  Creating suitable cambers to shed the water off either side; as well as ensuring that known bottle necks for water collection are properly managed all forms part of the responsibility we take on when delivering our tracks projects.


Our works on tracks in not exclusively limited to farms though and we work with a diverse variety of private clients and other bodies to deliver our track solutions accordingly.  Over the last couple of months, our teams have been working closely with Natural England to deliver a combination of new and improved tracks to an area of remote woodland in Northamptonshire.    The tracks are located within are area of dense woodland which Natural England needs to manage going forwards for both forestry and conservation reasons.

The existing track network present within the woods was found to be severely unsafe for vehicular access and in addition, the tracks were unusable during wet periods of weather meaning that woodland operations had to stop.  Accessing the woods is vital for Natural England to get the timber out when needed which involves some large equipment entering the woods as matter of course for woodland management operations.

We were asked to design and implement an effective solution to the problems that were being faced and the last few weeks has seen our teams implementing the proposals accordingly. With a happy team at Natural England now able to access their woodland easily and safely, this historic area of woodland can be effectively managed for many generations to come.

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