wetland creation

Holkham Wetland Creation Project

Our team was appointed to project-manage a ‘Wetland Creation Project’ at Quarles Marsh, Norfolk, which will add over 200 acres of wetland environment between Wells-next-the-Sea and Lady Anne’s Drive at Holkham.

Norfolk plays host to some of the most diverse and important wildlife species in the UK and the creation of the new habitat within the Holkham National Nature Reserve aimed to encourage more rare species of wildfowl to visit or reside there.

New water control sluices and a large underground pipe were installed to provide fresh water to flood Quarles Marsh from the adjacent Bones Marsh area.  Important water level management on the Marsh has been enabled by the construction of new sluices and by damming up ditch systems in some locations. Fresh water is now distributed around the marsh through the 5.5 miles of existing ditches that have been re-profiled as part of the project.

The internationally important Holkham National Nature Reserve is one of the most extensive reserves in the UK extending from Burnham Overy Staithe to Blakeney and provides the overwintering home to pinkfeet geese, wigeon and many other species of wildfowl and waders. It has the most varied and dramatic landscapes including fresh and salt water marshes, sand dunes, pine trees and grazing marshes.

The creation of a new environmental habitat has attracted a diverse selection of bird species including Avocet, Terns, Shoveler and the Marsh Harrier.