Barway Farms Wetland Reversion Project

Barway Farms are positioned in the heart of the Fens near to the picturesque city of Ely.

The Fens are a very heavily farmed part of the UK and Barway Farms were keen to put something back into their environment to help and support the local wildlife that lives in the historically wetland area.

William Morfoot Ltd was approached to turn an area of two hectares of prime arable land into a new pond area with associated wetland shallows to encourage wading birds and the development of associated wetland plantlife.

Advice on developing the project in the correct way was offered by FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) to ensure that the correct habitat was created.

The work took around two months to complete and involved removing existing land drains plus a significant amount of earth moving to create the appropriate environment.

The surrounding ground was carefully landscaped to maximize the attraction of the wetland area to local wildlife.

An impressive reedbed environment has been created in the shallows of the pond area and a huge array of birds and other wildlife are now using the area on a year round basis. This demonstrates the significance of our work to the environment.